New garden in the village Plaňany in central Czechia.

Requested intimity, vide space and large lawn to live on and just breathe, architectonised area with a pool and summer kitchen.

Requested wallnut trees, a willow, a pine, magnolia. Privacy but a possibility to talk with neighbours over a fence. Generosity.

My solution works with exact directions to cover or/and to open to the landscape. I use traditional species (Pine, Wallnut, Willow, Morus) with indroduced flowering classics (Magnolia, Prunus serrulata). Flowering bushes (lilac) along fences (covered with thuja from the other side). Echinaceas, daisies, grasses and peonies to cut. Ferns, hostas and hortensias to the shade. And some berries to eat.

Looking forward to see it in 10 years…