Now, in december 2016, it is over. Our kids don’t play with railroads any more and our mids are full of new projects.

For more info don’t hesitate to ask more : eva (at) .  Thanks.


Here you can find objects which we have somehow been urged to create for friends, for ourselves and/or – especially now – for our children – and they have proven to be good. However, in 2009 – 2016 we focused on the first, original and unique

supplementary railroads:



It was mainly the lack of stylish goods on the market that made us start to create by hand the supplementary railroads for our son, his three-year old friends and now for you too.

Some of last PEPeTo rails available at:

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We offered several kinds of rails, most of them are feltEssence” and quilted multi-layers felt “Quilts” lines , some are in “Adult” line even though it won´t probably be your little train-driver who will play with it but you and your adolescent and which might be put in the shelf for the one train as a childhood memory.

The “Naše Vlastička – Our Country” line is devoted to specific places and tourist destinations in the Czech Republic. Its form is stylised but the result says it all.

We also offered reduced-price sets of three, four or eight rails. These sets were usually customised and based on your wish – we´ve made more than one “way home from Prague” or “way to the cottage”.


All rails are compatible with the other railroads on the market, the rails we use are IKEA (plastic locks) and MAXIM (wooden).

However,everything can be customised and you can choose specifically an address, neighbourhood and describe approximately the look of the place …. such as the Družstevní Street, where there are “5 blocks of flats, the yellow one on the left”, or “our modern house” or, as still another example, a street which leads to your granny´s.

Regarding the fact that the rails themselves are designated for kids in the 3 years+ category, our rails too are for kids over three years … however, we feel we must say that the adhesive and all the other used materials are harmless to your health, the adhesive is certified for use in small kids´ toys and the only thing that we see as a potential safety problem is that the little fingers of a one-year old child fit exactly in the rail lock and are a bit difficult to get out. Consider to wait, and we recommend it, until two or two and a half years minimally.

The products are made in 100% non-smoking environment but we have an outdoor tomcat. Of course we don´t put the rails in his bed but we want you to know.

And, obviously, our work is subject to copyright … if you are not sure what it means exactly please read Článek o autorských právech… The stated work is subject to the Creative Commons licence State the author – Not for commercial use – No intervention in the work 3.0 Czech Republic

Based on an agreement, we´ll be happy to gift-wrap the railroads for you.

Is there anything we have left out? …  then it might be written in our blog or just ask us.

e-mail: eva (at)


Manner of transport

Czech post, by registered post or insured parcel, wrapped in a bubble envelope or box (new or recycled, as you wish), depending on the volume and amount. Shipped once a week if you don´t hurry, if you do, please write it in the note to the order, we´ll run with it. Please bear in mind that we adjust the price of the shipment and packaging fees depending on the size of an order exceeding an 8-set; we are simply not able to send a two-kilo parcel with dimensions of those of the Hound of Baskerville for 59 CZK. Thanks for understanding it.