Family, hobbies, PEPeTo

I´m married, I have three kids – Pe (2008), T (2010) and A (2013).

As we were babywearing all three kids in wraps and slings, I know this topic well and a woman in her maternal role becomes the most featured theme of my illustrations.  Since 2008 I shared my opinions, joys and doubts about raising children and being a mother on the website, where I found new friends and new clients, who supported me and my work. And I was greatful for this.

For my friends I designed some kids´rooms, gardens and home interiors. I designed some new logotypes for new brands.

With my mom I created our own brand PEPeTo in 2011. I design special rails for children´s wooden railroads, decorated with colourful felt landscapes. We sell them on Fler, as well as at some specialised toy fairs and handmade toy expositions. My work was mentioned on some czech and international blogs, I was invited to trade fairs in Firenze and Milano. And while on maternity leave, an article was published about my design in Marianne magazine.


The PEPeTA projects helped me to deal with all the consequences of being a mother of three young children while still longing to use my deep creative soul.

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