There is a tradition about St. Nicolas in Czechia. He comes every Dec 5th evening, he visits all kids, questioning about their behavior last year, and he brings sweets and fruits or nuts for good ones, coal and potatoes for disobedients. Kids should talk to him, they may say a poem or sing a song, they should search their considence.

It’s a good job for students or neighbors to cosplay this gentleman St. Nicolas, or a devil (= taking ugly kids to hell) and an angel (= smiling and giving special care (=sweets)  for sweet babies).

The role of St. Nicolas is important, but some groups of students usually forget the hierarchy and then the devil takes it all, sweet angel is singing some songs like a “drunken sailor” and … you know.

So my grandma decided to manage it.

Unfortunately she was a big smoker and her cough was unmistakable.

The moral: Never give a cough in front of the door where a kid with a musical ear is waiting for St. Nicolas.