I was thinking about the translation very long time and finally I decided to use the word pussy. Pussycat, kitten, small cat…

So please in the fourth picture just do imagine a tiny pussycat illustration instead of this little bird. In czech language we use “a bird”. Isn’t it just crazy??? 🙂

And follow our discussion on a bus station:

A: “Mom? You don’t have any pussy! Don’t you miss it?”

E: ???? “I do have. But psssssst…”

A: “No, you don’t! And daddy doesn’t either! Only Tony and Pepa have…”

E: “No! Tony and Pepa are boys, so they don’t have any pussy. They have… p….pssssst…”

A: “But they both have! Just look!”

And in this moment I realised she talks about this illustration on her umbrella.

My mistake :).