Today’s post is not very funny. It was a real situation. It happened after we bought train tickets for seven hours to Budapest in the ladies’ compartment to avoid any possible jerks. First, there were three men with us, good guys. They didn’t even take off their shoes. But this guy burst into the cabin with four beers in Nove Zamky – and didn’t shut his mouth until Budapest. Everything was ironic remarks, puns, and hidden innuendos from his desperate life story, which he wanted to explain and defend. And he spoke in English for the benefit of my American friend. He was angry that Scientologists promised to split the soul from the body, in order for it to experience life anywhere without traveling… but they didn’t deliver on that promise. However, in the opposite case, we would have loved to use that method and sent both his soul and his body to a different place, followed by his shoes and beer.